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Audio Visual Design Services

SPI specializes in designing custom audio visual and digital signage systems for casinos, resorts, hotels, conference rooms, and many other properties and facilities needing a comprehensive and scalable A/V design.

Technical Expertise

SPI’s design consultants can act as the owner’s technical representative to ensure that systems integrators are performing the job according to professional specifications as well as handling issues that may arise during construction.


Consider this: SPI can save you thousands of dollars by determining the best options for the design of a system including audio, digital signage, lighting, image and control. We produce specifications that can be competitively bid by qualified systems integrators or negotiated with a preferred integrator. That process in itself will save you precious time and money.

Custom Solutions to Transmit Your Message


Multi-Purpose Digital Signage

Whether the purpose is for information, advertising or a combination, our creative and engineering teams can design custom screen configurations that will carry the branding and style of your corporate identity.

Custom Configurations

Specialized Productions can design all types of custom digital signage configurations to fit your needs including video walls, multi screen synchronized displays, projection screens, plasma/LCD panels, wayfinding kiosks, large indoor/outdoor LED displays and more.

Content Creation

Render Impact is the creative division of Specialized Productions, Inc. which was born in 2004 as an Audio Visual Design Company. In 2006, SPI began creating motion graphics and animated videos for digital signage after several of our clients had asked us what they should put on their new digital displays. SPI’s video content agency, the creative division, was later re-branded as Render Impact and has grown steadily since those early days. We now provide a myriad of animation and motion graphics services for all sorts of digital formats to clients all over the United States and several other countries.

Approach & Advantage

Any successful technology strategy and AV design depends upon four critical elements:

  • Proper and thorough needs assessment.
  • Comprehensive system design.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the proposed design to emerging technologies.
  • Scalability.

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